Nano anti-microbial PA6 yarn

Textiles can be dangerous for human’s health due to their possibility for bacteria multiplication. They can contain several microorganisms such as fungi and infectious bacteria that produce bad smell.

Textiles & Microbes

The microorganisms can attach to the surface of the textiles and proliferate in appropriate conditions such as temperature and humidity. They can cause bad smell, pale skin, and infection of some illness from a person to another. Therefore, several companies are trying to manufacture new products which are antibacterial and can protect human against microorganisms.

Bacteria, Fungi & Unpleasant odor

BACTEX antibacterial yarn is produced via melt spinning process and the combination of silver nanoparticles or zinc oxide with polyamide chips is carried out in the process of producing polyamide yarn.

The antimicrobial properties of BACTEX fibers are permanent

The use of BACTEX nano-antimicrobial yarns prevents mites growth in the sleeping textiles such as mattresses and pillows and flooring such as rugs and carpets.

Antimicrobial yarn is
a strategy to increase public health & community health

Public places such as mosques and shrines, as well as garrisons or prisons due to the traffic of different strata are good places for the growth of bacteria and pathogens as well as causing unpleasant odors.

Nano Antimicrobial PA6 yarn