Tehran Zarnakh has Patent Certificate of Nano Anti-microbial yarn

Antimicrobial and Anti fungal nylon yarn of Tehran Zarnakh company has been approved by scientific and laboratory centers according to National Standard 21195.

Nano-Antimicrobial Yarn (BACTEX), Cooling (COOLTEX), and Infrared Emission Yarn (HEALTEX) have nano dimensional certificates

BACTEX nano-antimicrobial yarn has the Green Apple Health sign from the Iranian Food and Drug Administration

Standard tests show that BACTEX and HEALTEX yarns do not cause any skin damage or irritation.

The COOLTEX yarn has the ability to transfer moisture to the surface of the fabric quickly. Due to the spread of moisture over a wide area of fabric, moisture evaporates rapidly and thus absorbs heat from the body.

HEALTEX yarn has the potential to convert thermal energy to infrared due to the presence of bio ceramic nanoparticles and the presence of this beam in thermal imaging is confirmed by surface heating.