Tehrani industrial group

Tehrani industrial group (includes Tehran Zarnakh, Tehran Taknakh, Takrang Nakh) was founded in 1990 at Alborz Industrial City of Qazvin, Iran

At present, the production capacity of this industrial group is 17,000 tons per year, after development of the subsequent phases, this capacity will reach to 25,000 tons per year.

The products of Tehrani group include a variety of POY and DTY nylon 6 and polyester yarns in different deniers and dull, semi-dull and bright luster according to customer's requirements.

Tehran Zarnakh

Tehran Zarnakh Company is one of the producers of PA6 and Polyester POY in Iran which is established in 2001 with the capacity of 8000 tons per year. One of the particular features of Tehran Zarnakh Company is production of dope-dyed yarns. It has the ability to produce a wide range yarns from different deniers, colors and lusters.

Tehran Taknakh

Tehran Taknakh Company is one of the companies of Tehrani production group which started its activity since about 25 years ago in 1992 with the capacity of 4000 tons per year. It is using highly advanced machinery for producing DTY PA and Polyester.

Takrang Nakh

Takrang Nakh Company which is established in 1997 with the capacity of 1500 tons per year, is the producer of DTY and POY PA and Polyester.it is using the latest machinery of Germany with the ability of package dyeing processing. Its high quality products with the usage of color masterbatches is offered to costumers with different needs